Monday, 20 June 2016

How to install Remix OS on Micromax Laptab [UEFI/EFI boot] (Windows 10 Dual Boot)

Hi Guys
In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to install Remix OS on Micromax Laptab or on any Device with UEFI/EFI boot.
After this you will be able to Dual boot Windows 10 & RemixOS Android operating System.

Do this at your own risk don't brick your system. Enjoy!!

1. First Download the files needed to do the work :--

    -->RemixOS from their Offical page.( Download as per your System)

2. Open the downloaded Zip file and extract it somewhere in any drive. You will get three files 
  •      Run the Remix_OS_for_PC_Installation_Tool. You will get this screen.

3. Click on Browse and select this file 

4. Select Type : 'Hard Disk' , and Drive 'C:\' . Now click on 'OK' and let the installer complete all the steps. Be Patient!! (PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED MINIMUM 8GB OF HARD DISK SPACE FOR THE INSTALLATION TO COMPLETE PROPERLY)

5. All done reboot your Laptab.

6. If all goes well After Rebooting you will get this screen. Select Remis OS and system will automatically load into Remix OS.


If you get this error ' No such device "/RemixOS/kernel" ' then follow the Solution in steps below.

1. Download Zip Extracting Software '7zip' from here.

2. Install and open 7zip file manager, now navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the RemixOS files & open the Remix_OS_for_PC_32bit_xxxxxxxxx.iso file

3. Now extract the selected files to some location in your laptab.

4. Now open efi folder and again Extract the selected files to some location in your laptab

5. After extracting, Run Command Prompt as administrator & Type the follwing code. 

(**location** refers to the location where you have extracted the files in the above steps.)

  • mountvol B: /s
  • B:
  • cd efi/remixos
  • copy **location to 'bootia32.efi'** bootia32.efi
  • copy **location to 'kernel'** kernel
  • copy **location to 'initrd.img'** initrd.img
For example  :-
  • mountvol B: /s
  • B:
  • cd efi/remixos
  • copy D:\Downloads\bootia32.efi bootia32.efi
  • copy D:\Downloads\kernel kernel
  • copy D:\Downloads\initrd.img initrd.img
6. Do not close the Command prompt. Type the following commad
  • notepad grub.cfg
    Now in the file which opened in notepad Find pathes /RemixOS/kernel and /RemixOS/initrd.img and add /EFI in the beginning to look like /EFI/RemixOS/. And save the File.

7. Now Simply restart the laptab and you will see this screen. Select RemixOS & Press Enter (or power key at the back of laptab) 

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