Friday, 29 January 2016


Hi Guys,

Its very annoying when the USB Joystick gets disconnected within a Game, and you get irritated because it keeps on happening all the time. So We have found a Solution for this issue.

After Googling for some time We found out that there was no proper Tutorial on this.
There were lot of other topics discussing about all the thing that can go wrong with the USBs etc.

However the Solution to this issue is a Simple  Microsoft Hotfix !!!

Follow this Tutorial If your USB devices gets disconnected & automatically reconnect within a few seconds and How to solve it.

1. Open This link --> Microsoft Hotfix

2. Click on Hotfix Download Available.

3. On the next page Clink on the Link Inside the red box to expand all the options.

4. Select your Operating System. x86 for windows 32-bit & x64 for windows 64-bit version.,

5. Now enter your email address Twice and click on 'REQUEST HOTFIX'

6. The Hotfix link is sent to your email. Open your email Scroll down to find the link for Hotfix
Download & Save the Hotfix anywhere on your computer.

7. Run the downloaded file.

8. Click on Continue.

9. Select a location to Extract the file & Click on OK.

10. Now Go to the Location where you Extracted the file. Run & Install the Hotfix.

11. Now Restart your Computer and your USB devices will not disconnected in the middle of anything after that.

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